Recycling is so important. The amount of waste and rubbish produced everyday is shocking. Much of our waste is destined to end up thrown into landfill sites. Everything we can find a way to recycle will help to reduce the impact from our huge landfill sites. This is why we are always on the lookout for exciting and innovative recycled product ideas.

Recycling product ideas

Recycling doesn’t always involve turning a product into a new version of itself. Yes of course a lot of plastic bottles will be recycled into even more plastic bottles. However they also often end up as completely different products such as carpets or clothing. So when we look at new recycled product ideas we need to consider alternative uses for the raw material. It’s not just the end consumer you should consider, a lot of packing products these days are made with recycled material. Companies shredding their own waste paper to make packing materials. Or using fabric strips instead of ribbon to tie packages.

Upcycling product ideas

It’s also important to recognise that not everything can be easily recycled. But before you throw that item away think about the possibility of a second use. Upcycling is a way in which we can reuse an item, turning it into a new product with a new use. Unique and special products can be created in this way. For example – candles make from old food jars, adult t-shirts turned into kids t-shirts, teapot bird boxes, tyre seating, and almost everything turned into a pot for plants!

Top recycled product ideas

While searching for my own ideas I’ve compiled a list of recycled products. Everything listed is a search term currently being searched for on sites such as Etsy. Please use these to inspire your own recycled product ideas!