When I first discovered reusable sponges they were known within the eco community as unsponges. Discussing them outside of this required an initial explanation of the term. It’s a sponge that isn’t a sponge? It all got a little confusing! Then I started selling them and realised pretty quickly all the different searches that were being made.

So I spent a lot of time researching all the different words being used to refer to an unsponge. The most common name being “reusable sponge”. It does at least do what it says – a sponge that can be reused!

Why is the name important?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, knowing what to write in your search or listing is important. As a knowledgeable eco retailer you know all about unsponges. But customers who are new to the eco-friendly world probably don’t.

These days more and more people are looking for alternatives particularly to replace their daily used disposable products. It makes a lot of sense that people are simply adding eco words onto their searches. So for example, if I was looking for an alternative to a plastic pen my first search would likely be for an “eco-friendly pen”. So when we think about the unsponge, most people will more likely be searching for sponge – “eco-friendly sponge”, “reusable sponge” etc.

Unsponge Keywords from Etsy

One of my favourite places to sell and buy eco-friendly products is Etsy so lets start here. Below is a snippet of popular phrases currently being search for on Etsy by customers looking to buy unsponges / reusable sponges. These are all under 20 characters so perfect for using as Etsy Tags

List of 5 unsponge keywords