Face wipes are an essential product in most peoples daily routines. To clean faces or remove makeup they have many uses. These days we are looking for eco-friendly options in all the products we buy.

To save money and waste are the main reasons why switching to reusable face wipes is a great idea. If you stop to think about the amount you use in a day, week then total for the month it quickly adds up. For example if in a typical day you clean your face twice a day. You then use at least 2 wipes to remove makeup at the end of the day. That’s 4 per day. 28 per week. 112 every 4 weeks. 1460 per year. The number of disposable wipes thrown away everyday quickly adds up!

Infographic showing how many face wipes used per day, week, month and year.

If you want to make the switch there are 3 options to consider:

  • Buying Reusable Face Wipes
  • Making your own Reusable Face Wipes
  • Upcycle into Reusable Face Wipes

Buying reusable face wipes

I have been making and selling reusable wipes for years. When I first started they were a unique product, now they are stocked in high street stores and supermarkets. The range is still expanding all the time. Whatever your preferences – style, materials, pattern there are plenty of options available. My favourite place to shop for reusable face wipes is of course Etsy! The fact they are handmade makes them even better in my opinion.

Making your own reusable face wipes

If you are handy with a sewing machine or even better have use of an overlocker you can make your own reusable face wipes. The best part is being able to choose your own fabrics!

There are lots of patterns and tutorials available. We recommend 2/3 layers so the wipe holds its shapes and the more layers the easier it can be to sew. Sewing in circles is a technique that can be tricky to learn! Our best advice here is to slow down and keep practicing.

Upcycled reusable face wipes

Alternatively, simply upcycle. If you’re short on cash or don’t have the time or patience to learn to sew and want to do even more to save wastage! This option has a lot more flexibility. It all depends on the quality of product you want to produce.

Circles may look pretty but they’re not an essential shape for a reusable wipe. Cutting up old towels, old clothing can create a quick and easy wipe. Just please make sure you remember to wash fabrics before using. Especially if you plan to use these upcycled face wipes around sensitive areas such as your eyes!