An unsponge, otherwise known as a washable reusable sponge has many uses. They are most commonly used to replace disposable sponges in the kitchen or bathroom. Anything that requires a scrub or wash can benefit from them. I always make a couple extra to use in my children’s play kitchen too! So what is an unsponge made of?

Quick and easy to make. You can custom make them to your own requirements. I recommend using the palm of your hand to determine size. Make a simple cardboard template to find what comfortably fits in your hand. I prefer a rectangle shape similar to disposable scrubbers but honestly you can be as creative as you want! Smaller to fit into awkward areas or larger to cover more. Whatever works best for you!

Unsponge made of 3 layers

So once you have your template you need to find fabrics for at least 3 layers:

  • Top Layer – Pretty
  • Core Layer – Padding
  • Bottom Layer – Scrubber

Unsponge top layer

As usual this is my favourite layer. Choose yourself something pretty. Match your colour scheme or choose something that makes you smile. Whatever your preferences, you have a range of fabric types so you should be able to find something to suit.

My favourite is 100% Cotton but I’ve also successfully used Cotton Lycra, Upholstery weight cotton and Poplin Cotton.

Unsponge core layer

To give your unsponge some strength and weight it needs padding. Again there are several options. My preference is to stuff with fabric scraps but you could also be eco friendly and use old scraps of sponge too. Anything that will give you some absorbency is great.

There are many other fabric choices, just remember even a reusable sponge won’t last forever. I would always recommend saving wastage over buying new.

Unsponge bottom layer

I use towelling fabric for the bottom layer of my unsponges. I find this gives the perfect combination of softness and scrub-ability! Depending on what you intend to use your unsponge for will determine your bottom layer fabric choice. For extra softness you could use brushed cotton fabric. For extra scrubbing power a hessian type fabric would work well too.

I hope this gives a little more insight into what an unsponge is made of. If you are even more curious why not buy one and cut it up for a proper inside view! Just remember every reusable sponge used saves the waste of disposable sponge. As ideal as it would be to ditch all disposables, in this case I’d recommend saving them for the grubbier jobs and enjoy a beautiful unsponge everywhere else!