Whenever switching from a disposable to a reusable product one of the first questions is how to keep the items clean. The first thought is usually about how dirty our makeup remover pad or wipe gets after use. Don’t worry, we will show you how easy it is! Here is our step by step guide on how to wash reusable makeup remover pads.

Step 1 – Use the reusable makeup pads

Nothing complicated here, just use the reusable makeup pad in exactly the same way as you would a disposable alternative. You can add water, micellar water, make up remover, toner etc. whatever you prefer to use. Just remember not to throw straight into the bin after use!

To demonstrate how easy they are to clean, we covered a reusable makeup remover pad in mascara!

A dirty reusable makeup remover pad.

Step 2 – Throw in the washing pile

Ok, when I say throw it, I mean place as delicately into your washing pile as you want. The issue here is how concerned you are about the other clothes in the pile! Like all dirty clothing there’s always a risk that the stains may transfer onto other clothes.

I like to live dangerously so have always just thrown it in without much care for anything else. Touch wood I’ve never had any issues. But its always good to remind people to be cautious!

Step 3 – Wash your reusable makeup remover pad

I’m only going to talk about machine washing. You can of course hand wash if you really want to, but to save time machine washing is far quicker.

Again, let’s keep it simple and just chuck it in with your regular wash. 30 or 40 degree wash. I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Just a couple of considerations to make:

  1. Reusable makeup remover pads are smaller than socks! So of course it’s highly likely at some point they will get lost. Usually to be found much later when putting on a top and out of the sleeve pops a wipe! Anyway, if you really want to keep a track of them you can put them all inside a wash bag and pop this altogether into the wash. These wash bags are usually small netted bags with drawstring tops.
  2. If using reusable makeup pads for removing nail varnish we’d recommend washing separately. Nail varnish is a higher risk to potentially stain and mark other items of clothing.

As you can see I enjoy a good game of hide and seek after washing so this demonstration was done without using a wash bag.

A reusable makeup remover pad in the washing machine.

Step 4 – Drying reusable makeup remover pads

The best way to dry your reusable makeup remover pads really is by line drying. Not just for environmental reasons. Sunshine is a brilliant natural stain remover.

That doesn’t mean you can’t tumble dry. Similar to clothing, you may notice some shrinkage if tumble drying. And watch again for them getting lost!

I dried this pad using a tumble dryer. If I had dried it out in the sunshine on the line the slight staining from the black mascara would have disappeared completely.

A reusable makeup remover pad after being dried.

And there you go, ta da! How to wash your reusable makeup remover pads really is that simple.