This is our step by step guide for how to make reusable panty liners. I have tried many different techniques over the years but for speed and comfort this is my favourite.

This guide will work with any cloth pad template or patterns you may have. Just check first if there is a seam allowance on your template / pattern. You my need to adjust for this when sewing around in Step 4.

How to make Panty Liner Step by Step

Step 1 – Fabric

For an easy to make, thin but absorbent pad we use 3 different layers of fabric

  • Topper – 100% cotton fabric
  • Core – bamboo fleece
  • Backing – microfleece

Using a template cut out 3 pieces the same size from each of these fabric layers.

Step 2 – Shape

Draw around the template on the core layer only. This gives you the shape as a guide to sew.

Step 3 – Pin

Attach all 3 layers together in this order:

  1. Back – the side of the fabric you want as the back should be facing upwards
  2. Top – the side of the fabric you want on the top of the liner should be facing downwards.
  3. Core – template drawn on side facing upwards.

Step 4 – Sew

Using the template you drew on as a guide, sew around. Starting from a wing and leaving at least a fingers width at the end. You need just enough to be able to pull through and turn inside out.

Step 5 – Turn

Turn the pad inside out using the turning hole you left in step 4. To help push out all the corners we recommend using a pointy item with a soft end. A chopstick is our favourite!

Step 6 – Top Stitch

Tuck in the turning space and top stitch around the whole pad. It may help to iron the pad first to help maintain the shape. It depends how perfectly neat you want the finished product!

Step 7 – Add Snaps

Add snaps to the wings so that you can wrap around and secure to underwear.